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2010 VW Passat the Auto Cars

2010 VW Passat2010 VW Passat Photo
2010 VW Passat2010 VW Passat Pics

The 2010 Volkswagen Passat ranks 13 out of 18 Affordable Midsize Cars. This ranking is based on our analysis of 66 published reviews and test drives of the Volkswagen Passat, and our analysis of reliability and safety data.

The 2010 Volkswagen Passat is an affordable midsize car with an interior that almost belongs in a more expensive class, combined with with suspension tuning that makes it fun to drive and an excellent safety record. However, it's also one of the most expensive midsize cars, particularly when fully loaded with options.

The 2010 VW Passat offers a near-luxury level of refinement, and excellent road manners. It also offers a near-luxury price. Edmunds notes, "For many folks, the Passat fills the gap that exists between normal, humdrum family cars and the financially out-of-reach luxury brands."

Reviewers aren't sure what to make of the car because of that unusual status, floating between affordable and luxury classes. The 2010 Volkswagen Passat, most critics say, is an enjoyable car to drive. It offers a refined, smooth ride, and sharp handling for a family car. Its interior is a step up from those of most Affordable Midsize Cars, with high-quality materials and fine attention to detail.

Its high price, however, can be hard to justify. Volkswagen's midsize car isn't among the class leaders in fuel economy, either -- making it an expensive car to own.
Other Cars to Consider

The Passat is known for its tight handling, but high price. Those looking for a fun-to-drive midsize car might want to consider the Mazda6 or Ford Fusion as well. Both cars offer similar athleticism at a lower price. The all-new Suzuki Kizashi is a bit smaller, but may be the sportiest entry in the midsize category.

Volkswagen loyalists might also want to look closely at VW's other midsize car. The stylish CC uses many of the same parts as the Passat, but offers an even more upscale feel with similar driving dynamics. Many VW dealerships now stock a greater variety of 2010 CCs than Passats.
Volkswagen Passat: The Details

Volkswagen has scaled back Passat production significantly, as the company prepares to replace the aging model. For 2010, Volkswagen will build only a single trim level for the Passat, available as a sedan or wagon. VW offering free scheduled maintenance for the first three years or 36,000 miles on all Passats.

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2013 land rover

land rover 2013

2013 Range Rover Sportster

Even thought an association between the Range Rover Sport and eco-friendliness might sound ridiculous, the British manufacturer is apparently hard at work on developing the 2013 Range Rover Sport hybrid electric.

The 2013 Range Rover Sport hybrid electric will be badged as the Range_e and will feature an diesel engine backed by an electric motor and of course a battery pack, plus the car will use a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission.

The 2013 Range Rover Sport hybrid electric is part to the company's large family of Land Rovers that will be launched in 2013, and it looks like the full hybrid will be launched initially, then a plug-in hybrid is expected to follow in 2015.

The British car maker will begin tests with the 2013 Range Rover Sport hybrid electric at the end of this year.
2013 Range Rover
2013 Range Rover2013 Range Rover
2013 Range Rover2013 Range Rover View
2013 Range Rover2013 Range Rover Sports

2012 range rover sport

2012 range rover sport

2012 Range Rover Photos

2012 Range Rover2012 range rover image
2012 Range Rover2012 range rover
2012 Range Rover2012 range rover

2011 Rnage Rover Nice Review

2011 Rnage Rover
2011 Rnage Rover
2011 Rnage Rover

2012 Peugeot 208 Cars For Future

2012 Peugeot 208
2012 Peugeot 208
2012 Peugeot 208
2012 Peugeot 208

2011 volvo s60

When Volvo's all-new S60 goes on sale this September, the initial offering will be the top-tier $38,550 T6 with all-wheel drive, 300-horse turbocharged I-6, and six-speed automatic. Volvo, evidently, wants to launch its fresh midsizer with a decided bang. And why not? When replacing its top-selling model, Volvo would be wise to put its best (and most potent) foot forward. And, lest we forget, its best-looking foot, too.

The 2011 S60, 1.0 inch longer, 2.4 wider, and 2.2 taller, somehow manages to appear sleeker and tidier than its predecessor. Chalk it up to Volvo's new "emotionally charged" coupelike silhouette and overall "racetrack" appearance, which refers to the exterior lines' continuous and organic flow, supposedly mimicking vehicles in motion. Whatever's taking place on the sheet metal is working -- the new S60 is as stylish as it is safe.

Inside, the design renaissance continues. Volvo's trademark floating stack, adorned in standard Shimmer Graphite inlays or optional Urbane Wood, now resides front and center, bringing the S60's HVAC and infotainment housing up to date with the brand's other models. Amply bolstered front sport seats are standard, and rear-seat passengers get 2.1 inches of additional legroom. Available options include a $2700 Multimedia Package (backup camera, premium audio, and navigation with traffic updates), a $1500 Premium Package (moonroof, power passenger seat, bi-Xenon headlamps with active bending), and a $2100 Technology Package (adaptive cruise control/lane departure warning/distance alert, collision warning and Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake). For those hauling kids, the S60 also offers an $1800 rear entertainment system with dual DVD players.
2011 volvo s60
2011 volvo s60
2011 volvo s602011 volvo s60

2010 VOLVO S60 Images

2010 VOLVO S60
2010 VOLVO S60
2010 VOLVO S60
2010 VOLVO S60

Domasco, the exclusive distributor for Volvo cars and trucks in Qatar, has announced that the stunning all-new Volvo S60 had been hailed as the Saloon Car of the Year 2010 at the Car Middle East Awards.
The awards, which honour the best new cars of 2010, and also the biggest achievers of the year in the motoring and motor-sports arena, has run for the last three consecutive years and took place recently at The Westin, in front of a host of the industry’s experts.
The Volvo S60, which made its debut in the Middle East in October, topped the BMW 5-Series and Kia Optima into runner-up positions making its recent launch in the region particularly triumphant, according to Domasco spokesman.
“The sporty design delivers a visual promise of enthusiastic driving characteristics and I can assure you that the all-new S60 truly lives up to that promise. Its driving properties are better than those of any previous Volvo,” said Trevor Fletcher, Sales and Marketing Manager - Volvo Qatar.

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2012 Jaguar xj Nice Cars

Yet again, new spy shots have come out of the new 2012 Jaguar XJ. This time, we actually get a glimpse of the full body. Although heavily padded, we can see impressions of an elongated hood and potentially elegant rear styling on a four-door coupe.

The new version of the Jaguar XJ will be new parent company Tata Motors' first attempt at a full-size luxury. The XJ moniker itself is over 40 years old.

Body shape of the new XJ is expected to be totally different from the current generation. A likely cause is the poor sales figures of the current model. Previous reports, including one by WCF, cite the 2012 Jaguar XJ as a potential competitor to the Audi A7, Mercedes CLS-class, and Porsche Panamera.

Expected release of the new 2012 Jaguar XJ is Spring 2011.

2012 Jaguar xj
2012 Jaguar xj
2012 Jaguar xj

2010 Jaguar XJ

2010 Jaguar XJ

2011 Jaguar Xj Pics

2011 Jaguar Xj View
2011 Jaguar Xj insider
2011 Jaguar Xj Pictures

2014 Audi A4

2014 Audi A4
2014 Audi A42014 Audi A4
After the Auto Zeitung article about the forthcoming Audi A4 is a rumor swirling in Audi Blog on the editorial on the table A4 of 2014. It is obviously still very early to obtain security but we want this rumor so you do not remember.
- Delivery date: not earlier than spring 2014
- The single frame grill is not as emphatic and impressive, it seems to go more in width
- The length of the A4 will be little or no change (4.70 meters)
- It uses the length modular construction system cabinets (MLB of the VW group of cars with longitudinally mounted engines)
- About 2cm longer and slightly lower gauge coach
- Much lighter than the current A4: there is 150 kilograms (plastic seat backs, trunk bottom of honeycomb polyurethane, magnesium new building parts, engines with smaller displacement, high-strength steels and aluminum with new connection technologies)
- There will be a hybrid A4
- New standards in comfort (drive select is more sensitive and respond faster)
- New electromechanical steering system that consumes power only when needed
- New 2.0 4-cylinder turbo diesel double of the VW group with 180 to 240 hp. These were the 6-cylinder diesel models can redeem
- Like, slip 'possible about the 1.6 TDI with 120 hp
- The petrol versions, the 1.4 with turbo-compressor 170 hp with the 1.8 with 160 hp to replace
- Start-stop-automatic with all engines available
- New "power" S-tronic, which then can handle up to 500 Nm.
Audi A4 photo impression of Auto Zeitung.

2012 Mitsubishi Evo Pictures

2012 mitsubishi evo xi
2012 Mitsubishi Evotop 2012 mitsubishi evo
2012 Mitsubishi Evo2012 mitsubishi evo pictures

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Auto Insurance Accident Insurance

Auto InsuranceAuto Insurance
You've probably heard that most personal injuries from accidents occur in the home. Actually, accidental injuries can happen any time and anywhere to any member of your family - while attending classes at school, skiing at your favorite resort, playing a touch football game or just relaxing at home. Being able to predict when an accident will occur would help you avoid injury but since that isn't possible being prepared to handle the emergency is the next best thing. That's why accident insurance such as NACD's 24-Hour Accident Insurance Plan makes so much sense.

With NACD's accident insurance plan you will have protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This medical insurance policy is automatically available for people ages 0 to 69 years with no lab tests or doctor's exams required to apply.

Through this coverage you will receive the following benefits:


Payment for medical treatment after an accident causing injury

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit

Payment for worldwide emergency air ambulance expenses for transportation as a result of an injury causing accident

Personal selection of the doctor or hospital

Benefits that are paid directly to you

2011 Peugeot 408

2011 Peugeot 408
2011 Peugeot 4082011 Peugeot 408


The 2010 BMW 3-Series is largely unchanged. These premium-compact cars come as 2-door coupes and convertibles, as well as 4-door sedans and wagons. Convertibles have a power-retractable hard top. The 3-Series model lineup consists of the following: entry-level 328, top-line 335, and high-performance M3. Depending on body style, the 328i comes with rear-wheel drive or with BMW's xDrive all-wheel drive. It's powered by a 230-horsepower 3.0-liter inline 6-cylinder engine. Also depending on body style, the 335i is available with rear-wheel drive or AWD. Those models are powered by a turbocharged 300-horsepower 3.0-liter inline 6-cylinder. The rear-drive 335d has a 265-horsepower 3.0-liter turbodiesel inline 6-cylinder that is emissions legal in all 50 states. M3 models use a 414-horsepower 4.0-liter V8.

All BMW 3-Series gasoline engines team with a 6-speed manual transmission. Optional on the 328i and 335i and standard on the 335d is a 6-speed automatic. The M3 is available with a 7-speed dual-clutch automated manual that behaves much like an automatic. Available safety features include ABS, traction control, antiskid system, and front-side airbags. Head-protecting tubular side airbags are standard on all but convertibles. Convertibles have rollover bars designed to deploy from the rear headrests if sensors detect an impending tip.

Cars with the optional navigation system get BMW's iDrive that uses a console knob to control entertainment, navigation, communication, and other functions. Available features include steering-linked xenon headlights, BMW's Active Steering that quickens steering response at low speeds, rear-obstacle detection, adaptive cruise control, and BMW Assist service with a wireless cell-phone link.

2012 Bmw 3 Series Pictures gallery

2012 bmw 3 series
2012 bmw 3 series
2012 bmw 3 series

2010 MERCEDES CLS Cars Review

Five years ago, the term four-door coupe was an oxymoron. But in 2004, Mercedes-Benz used it to describe the new CLS, and logic was trampled by star-struck customers waving their checkbooks. Rival manufacturers were equally enthralled. Witness the Jaguar XF and the Volkswagen Passat CC. In 2010, BMW will launch a thematically similar four-door, and Audi will chime in with the A7. Mercedes, meanwhile, is readying the second-generation CLS. A careful evolution of the original design, the new low-roof four-seater was masterminded by Gorden Wagener, who was recently appointed head of the design department, replacing Peter Pfeiffer. Sales of the first CLS have run about 40 percent ahead of expectations, and that good news is tempered only slightly by the fact that many of those sales were stolen from the E-class, which looks rather bland in comparison.

Subjectively at least, the second-edition CLS is even prettier than the model it replaces. The banana-like side view is less radical, the curious L-shaped headlamps are gone, and the cluttered front end has given way to a much more elegant appearance. The flanks are more three-dimensional, with rear power bulges, prominent character lines, and flared wheel arches. The A- and C-pillars are better integrated into the arc-shaped roofline. The rear window is bigger, and up front, the grille assumes a more upright position. Like all future Benzes, the next CLS boasts horizontally staggered LED daytime running lights as well as LED brake lights.

Inside, the CLS again gets its own dashboard, seats, and door panels. Like the current car, the new model offers tasteful alternative choices in terms of wood, leather, and color scheme. To further enhance the appeal, Mercedes-Benz plans to introduce new driver-assistance systems, such as automatic lane guidance, a 360-degree-view camera with in-dash monitor, and a second-generation night vision with head-up display.


2012 Mercedes SL Best Review

2012 mercedes sl gallery
2012 mercedes sl
2012 mercedes sl

With all the hype surrounding the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, it's easy to forget that the SL and SLK roadsters are still a crucial part of the automaker's lineup. We've seen the next generation of the baby SLK out testing, and now our spies have caught a larger 2012 SL mule out and about.

Up front, the more upright fascia with the dinner plate-sized Three-Pointed Star logo is the biggest change, as are the revised headlamps, which seem to be less angular than the ones found on the current SL. Looking below, we can see that LED running light strips have been fitted at the lower air intakes (something that's quickly becoming standard equipment across the automaker's portfolio), and out back, the triangular taillamps have been smoothed out a bit.

Our crafty spy photographers have also managed to get a glimpse inside the new SL. A new sport steering wheel is in place, and even though we don't have the photographic proof, we're told that the rest of the interior (center console, etc.) is akin to the new design found in the SLS AMG. Fine by us.

Click through the gallery below to see the full set of high-res Mercedes-Benz SL spy shots.