Friday, August 26, 2011

Lil Wayne’s Cars – Nothing Cheap Here


Ok, so I may not always like the people that drive hybrids and smart cars, and I may make fun of them for the way they carry themselves like they’re better than the rest of us, but at least I respect their choice. However, I cannot say the same for the hip-hop community, as today, we have superstar rapper ‘Lil Wayne, and his abundance of high priced cars…that he doesn’t need and probably rarely drives. He describes most of them in one of his “raps” (I think that’s what the kids call it when the words rhyme and they talk in a wierd voice instead of singing, and mention platinum and “bootys”),”Yellow Viper, yellow Hummer, Yellow Benz, Yellow PT Cruiser, yellow ‘Lac on rims, Drop yellow ‘Vette and a platinum Rolls Royce, That’s seven different cars, everyday I got a choice.” He could have just saved time and said “I spend a lot of money.”. He also has a Cadillac CTS, and an Aston Martin that fellow rapper Birdman gave to him as a present. Yes folks, a a rich guy gave another rich guy a super expensive car as a gift, and now they’re both going to go out and yell on stage about how they’re from “the streets”. ‘Lil Wayne definitely has some nice vehicles, but man is it a waste of money.






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